I love food and i love cooking! Food is therapy, food is love, food is togetherness and food is culture. I'd like to welcome you to join me to try new recipes and learn about the vegetarian and vegan diet!

Soijasuikalepata missä on porkkanaa, perunaa ja herneitä

Vegan soy curl stew

Hearty slow cooked vegan stew is the perfect when you are craving for a traditional home cooked meal with taste and texture. The recipe is simple and will taste for vegans and meat eaters. Be brave and take this recipe to your kitchen. I promise you cannot go wrong!

vegaaninen honey comb karamelli kuorutettu suklaalla


This sweet treat that looks like honey comb is vegan and tastes a bit toasty. Honeycomb caramel is easy to make if you follow these easy steps carefully. Turn your kitchen into a small laboratory where magical things can happen!